Bulletin of Basic and Applied Plant Biology

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Bulletin of Basic and Applied Plant Biology
(An International  Journal of Basic and Applied Plant Sciences) 
ISSN: 2249-8970

Editor in Chief Writes...............

Dear Researchers,

It gives me  immense pleasure to introduce the Bulletin of Basic and Applied Plant Biology, a semiannual, international refereed journal, which will be a platform for the researchers all over the world to publish their theoretical, experimental and technical contributions in all fields of Plant Science.

This Journal, Bulletin of Basic and Applied Plant Biology, is dedicated tot he memory of Dr. G. Kulandaivelu, Former Senior Prefessor of Plant Sciences, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madruai, India whose contributions to the world of Plant Biology is immense.

We have drawn eminent personalities from India as well as abroad to be on the Editorial Board who would help us to review and edit articles received for publication. Apart from the editors, other experts familiar with the relevant field of research are involved to review the manuscripts. With these, we have taken every care to maintain the quality of the articles published in this Journal.

The Bulletin of Basic and Applied Plant Biology, hailing from the southern most District of India, intends to reach scientists in all nook and corners of the world. We hope this journal will be a boon to researchers to publish their works and review articles convenently. Normally it is expected to about six weeks to complete the review process. Howeve, major corrections suggested by the reviewers may prolong the reviewing duration.

Authors who intend to contribute to this Journal can receive detailed Information to Authors anytime from the Editor-in-Chief through Email or by post.

I solicit the patronage of the researchers in Plant Biology from all parts of the world and welcome comments to make this mission a success.

Dr.Joseph A.J. Raja


July 2011